Cowswap Token

Cowswap is a fair luanch project, with no pre-sale, no-investors, and no pre-mining. Like many fair-luanch projects, we will reward various participants in the Cowswap ecosystem.


Incentivize Ecological Participants

As a fair luanch project, we will reward most of the tokens to ecological participants. trading mining is used to reward traders who participate in Cowswap. Liquidity mining rewards participants who provide the liquidity of Cowswap tokens. The Cowboy Program rewards pledgers of Cowswap tokens.

Governance ‌

Cowswap token holders can participate in community governance voting by staking to the Cowboy Project. ‌

Deflationary Price Increase

The cap of Cowswap tokens is fixed. We will reserve 50% of the transaction fee to the project treasury, and regularly repurchase part of the tokens at market prices for destruction; this keeps Cowswap tokens deflationary to increase the value of the tokens.

COWB Distribution

  • Total 100,000,000,000,000 COWB
  • Initial liquidity 10% (burned Link)
  • Proof of Trade 25%
  • Farm 27%
  • Cowboy 12%
  • Marketing 8%
  • MILK and COX holders 5%
  • Airdrop 5%
  • Team 8%
Cowswap Token address: 0xf6db8f1b6e551ca3099e4bcb9ce97e69ed3aa2e8