Quickly Add/Remove Liquidity

Since liquidity farming is a common profit-making model, the process of adding liquidity streams is cumbersome. So we added the function of quickly adding/removing liquidity to Cowswap Router, which is convenient for users to mine quickly.

Quickly Add Liquidity

Users only need to provide a single token to add liquidity. First, 1/2 of the provided single token quota is automatically exchanged for another currency required for liquidity, and then the remaining single token and the exchanged token. This is added to the liquidity pool at the same time, saving users complicated operating procedures.
As shown in the figure below, without COWB, users only need BNB to complete the addition of liquidity with one click.

Quickly Remove Liquidity

The user selects the token to be accepted eventually, and the other token is automatically converted to the selected token.
For example, if the user chooses BNB as the final accepted currency, then the BUSD from the liquidity pool will be automatically converted into BNB and sent to the user.